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How do we work to make your business global

Missões internacionais

Experiência compreensiva com imersão em 360º com pontos de contato com: governo, investidores, aceleradoras e empresas locais. Foco em empresas que nasceram para serem globais.

Soft Landing

Programas de ambientação no país de destino, incluindo: espaço de escritório, assessoria na abertura de empresa, vistos, mentoria, networking e suporte na contratação de um time local.

Business Development

Nossos serviços de desenvolvimento de negócios permitem à empresa acesso ao mercado desejado sem a necessidade de ter uma equipe dedicada, permitindo a adequação de seus produtos e serviços em relação à realidade daquele mercado.

Captação de Investimentos

Caso sua empresa necessite de capital para financiar seu crescimento, nosso time pode coordenar todo o processo de captação de investidores com a finalidade de expansão internacional.

Conectando os ecossistemas de Tecnologia Canadense e Brasileiro

Conectamos sua empresa com um network internacional de alto nível
Expandindo para América do Norte ou América Latina?

If you are expanding your business to North America, you should take a deeper look at Canada. Canada offers an excellent standard of living, less expensive than Silicon Valley, high quality workforce, lower corporate taxes, Government incentives for R&D and is fully integrated with the US market.

Considering doing business in Latin America? Brazil is the largest economy in South America. For 2015, IDC Brazil expects 16% growth in the smartphones market, with sales of 63.3 million devices. Other relevant data points that about 30% to 35% of the smartphones sold in the year might have 4G technology. Following the big trend on adopting smartphones, M-commerce and mobile apps are very hot in the Brazilian market.


We are entrepreneurs willing to transform local business into global successes.
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Regina Noppe

Co-founder & CEO
Regina is a Brazilian/Canadian with over 18 years of experience at global companies. Regina was awarded the title of “Noble Partner of Canada” by the Canadian Ambassador in Brazil. She’s also the Vice-President of CCBC’s Tech committee and the President of Alumni Canada-Brazil
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Hein Brand

Investor & Advisor
Investor & advisor. Executive with a financial background and considerable experience in a variety of executive positions – the previous 19 years in the media and internet industry. Extensive experience gained in several developing countries including China, Brazil, Russia, India and other countries in Africa and Latin America. Experience includes many aspects of the Internet and Mobile industries. Sourcing and evaluating businesses and executing the M & A process and post-transactional responsibility to integrate and develop the businesses.
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Marcos Alves

Head of VR, AR, XR
Progressive career of 20+ years leading sales, teams, products and tech-driven businesses. Entrepreneur and general management experience: co-founded 2 companies. Created a Venture Builder (Startup Studio) to launch startups with disruptive tech for global audiences. Planned and executed go-to-market strategies for global brands. Increased sales in 175% at premium software-house. Led technologically the startup of one of the major Latin American internet portals.
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Gustavo F N

Head of Blockchain
We are surrounded by complex systems and I love to understand and simplify them, continuously. There are so many hot tech solutions popping up everyday and so many providers that it becomes important to take careful decisions to bring an innovative and powerful advantage.
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Thiago B. Silva

Partnership Manager
Passionate about helping entrepreneurs and ambitious teams grow.


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General Consul of Brazil
Ambassador Ernesto Otto Rubarth is the Consul General of Brazil in Vancouver since September 2013. He graduated in law and philosophy at the Federal University of Rio Grande, and has a Master degree in Political Sociology from the Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro
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Ray Walia

CEO Launch Academy
Ray Walia is an entrepreneur and investor with experience in multiple businesses in a variety of industries with multiple successful exits.
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Yuri Navarro

CEO at National Angel Capital Organization
Business strategy professional with expertise in early stage finance, clean technology and public policy development.
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Jonathan Bixby

Entrepreneur, Investor, Advisor
Jonathan is a serial entrepreneur, active angel investor, board member and speaker. Jonathan currently invests out of, Stanley Park Ventures, Sitka Capital, Oak Mason Investments, and Flight International.
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Boris Mann

Building Frontier, a global platform for blockchain company creation & investment
Boris has been active in the Vancouver startup ecosystem for over a decade. His first local startup was Bryght, the first commercial Drupal company. He then went on to co-found Bootup Labs, the first startup accelerator in Canada
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Andrew Howell

Senior Audience Evangelism Manager
A technical audience specialist with a demonstrated ability to increase the adoption of new software. Professional experience includes seven years advancing the adoption of Microsoft technology (Cloud, OS, Server, Web, and Dev Tools) by engaging with developers, IT professionals, and startups across Canada.
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Todd Embley

Entrephilosopher & Startup Mentor and Advisor
8 years in China > 8 months in San Francisco > now in Kelowna, Canada! After a quick stint as the Director of PARISOMA (San Francisco’s longest running coworking space) I worked with The Refiners (3-month Silicon Valley immersion accelerator) building up a new program called SURGE that helps funded early-stage startups survive the ‘second valley of death’ post funding: GROWTH.


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